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Sourcing according to Ordina

ICT is all around us. You cannot live without it and impose ever-increasing demands on it. ICT should meet your needs, not only today but also tomorrow. This is why the sourcing of your ICT is high up the agenda. However, choosing the right partner is rather important, because your final choice has a great impact on your ICT provision for the coming years.

SmartSourcing from Ordina is an appropriate response to the various sourcing needs of your organization: for each need, we have an appropriate form of supply and an appropriate contract. So make the smart choice and choose Ordina.

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The time when contracts for application sourcing (management & maintenance and upgrades) were cast in concrete is long gone. The world is changing and organizations and their IT are changing continuously too.

You are looking for a supplier that regards you as the client and puts your wishes first. Ordina Smart Sourcing is a more contemporary and above all agile interpretation of cooperation with clients.

This is not 'one size fits all', but genuine agility in delivery and contract form. Customization that suits you, as a client, and your objectives. Ordina does this based on three key features:

  • Set-up: Agility in the delivery model using our Dynamic Delivery Model
  • Direction: Future-proof due to support with our Dynamic Improvement Model
  • Control: Collaboration to achieve your goals


Smart Sourcing, an agile form of application sourcing!

Are you considering outsourcing your ICT tasks? Scarce expertise is already a threat to the continuity of your ICT, or may become one in the near future. It may also be that you have other goals such as cutting costs or shortening the lead time for changes to your ICT environment.

Meanwhile, you may have already delegated the management of IT tasks to a supplier and are wondering whether you should extend that cooperation? Are you satisfied with the results of your offshoring? Does outsourcing still fit into your strategy? Are you exploiting all the possibilities?

Ordina has reinvented sourcing! SmartSourcing is like a tailored suit. It takes into account your needs and your personal measurements. And therefore always fits exactly. In addition, you remain agile.


You want always to be free to choose various forms of sourcing and contracts:

  • To do it yourself or put it out to tender: in- or outsourcing
  • Location of work: onsite, onshore, local shoring, nearshore or offshore
  • Resourcing: secondment, managed resourcing, co-sourcing, outsourcing and complete outsourcing
  • Service or subtask: infrastructure, hosting, application management, projects and consultancy
  • Payment form: all variants between time/materials and obligation of result.

Ordina has an appropriate delivery model to meet every wish. This is no "one size fits all' concept. We offer flexible customization with our Dynamic Delivery Model. This means that the delivery model meets your needs every time.


You are looking for support in achieving your goals and ambitions. Not a customer-supplier relationship, but a strategic partner who has knowledge of your organization and environment.

With our Dynamic Improvement Model we support you with a tailor-made to meet your objectives.

  • Delivery Improvement makes proposals to better organize service provision along the whole chain, smarter, faster, better. 
  • Business/IT alignment is responsible for permanently matching the service provided to the changing world of the client. We convert our knowledge of your organization and your market into concrete proposals that sometimes go beyond an IT component. 
  • Innovation converts new technological possibilities into concrete applications for you. 
  • Value Creation determines the profitability of the business case. Together we determine the monitoring system to assess the value of services and initiatives.


In our assignments, what matters to Ordina is the result for our client.

We enter into a relationship for several - if not many - years, so collaboration, trust and continuous development of the service provision and business relationship form the key to success. We like to share our expertise and focus on the human dimension with our clients, partners and colleagues. Because that is the only real way to help each other grow stronger.

Based on the selected delivery model and the level of ambition for innovation & improvement, we determine the cooperation model together. Here too, we focus on tailor-made cooperation and deploy the right people in the right place.


Want a clearer picture of your current situation?

Want to understand more about your options for agile set-up of your sourcing? Ordina offers you a number of solutions:

Sourcing Choice Compass
What does the choice of the sourcing mean for your organization? Which choice contributes to the realization of your goals? The future is changing and that requires an agile delivery model. With the Sourcing Selection Compass, you can better understand the different delivery models in relation to their aims; both now and for the future.

Sourcing Experience
How do you choose the right form of sourcing for your needs? For now, as well as for the longer term. Experience how choices work out in practice. How different projects behave differently with a given form of sourcing. With our Sourcing Experience, you will experience what the importance of agility in forms of sourcing means in practice.  

Have you made the right choice ?

Do you want to test your current sourcing situation? Ordina offers you an objective analysis, carried out by experienced professionals:

Sourcing Strategy Check

You have translated your policy for providing IT into a sourcing strategy. But is your strategy complete and up to date? Have you identified all the relevant issues? Your strategy is tested for completeness, depth and substantiation based on realistic feasibility in practice.

With the Sourcing Strategy Check you get an insight into the quality of your strategy from the practice experience and best practices of Ordina.

Sourcing Value Check

Is your relationship with your supplier all it could be? Are you getting the most out of your relationship? Does your supplier understand your needs?

The Sourcing Value Check provides you with an objective analysis of the status and value of your existing sourcing relationship. Obviously including concrete proposals for improvements.