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Unified Collaboration & Communication

A new era requires new vision

We are communicating more and more. Meanwhile, almost 45% of Dutch people have a smartphone that they use every day to e-mail, phone and surf the Internet. A similar kind of revolution is taking place in business. Many organizations are currently switching to Internet telephony and no longer think in terms of hardware but rather in software solutions. An important part of this transition is that employees communicate with each other at home and at work in the same way. All information is available for your organization anywhere anytime, and there are various ways to communicate. Together with complete integration of communication channels and devices, we call this 'Unified Communications and Collaboration' (UC&C).

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New technological and economic developments are creating an increasing need to work more flexibly, effectively and efficiently. Collaboration with colleagues and partners appears to be a key to success. With UC&C, you can ensure that colleagues can not only communicate with each other anytime, anywhere, but can also collaborate.

Anyone who starts doing this initially thinks about major investments in hardware and software. Our specialists can offer you help in choosing the right tools and resources and work with you beyond the boundaries of your organization. They also support the implementation in your organization, supply chain optimization and interaction with your customers and partners. We call this the new collaboration. 


Someone embarking on UC&C often thinks only in terms of tools and resources. Ordina's approach to UC&C projects goes a step further. Besides the technical, organizational and cultural aspects, our specialists work with you on supply chain optimization and interaction with customers and partners. In addition, you can rely on them to take account of the strategic, tactical and operational aspects.

In practice, we also find that many companies and organizations also see our approach as a key way to improve the quality of their processes and service provision and increase their innovation and competitiveness.

‘Working Smarter Together' is a total solution focussing on the context of your organization, business, culture, behaviour, structure and systems. In addition to realizing the complete infrastructure, Ordina helps you with your vision, strategy and optimization of your processes and systems.


Working Smarter Together

As you read this, a revolution is under way in the business landscape. The NWOW (the new way of work) is attracting a lot of attention.

Although "The New Way of Working" can be approached from various angles, we think this trend is mainly about working together, smarter, more productively, effectively and efficiently.

Our consultants have converted this vision and their best practices into the proposition 'Working Smarter Together’: Ordina's approach to "The New Way of Working’.

Working Smarter Together is about making best use of people, organization and technology. Our approach covers the whole spectrum from awareness, vision, strategy, change management, information management to implementation and management.

Communications Enabled Business Processing (CEBP)

Recognize this? As a customer, being kept waiting on a helpdesk. Always being put through somewhere else. Processes such as applying for a licence, solving a problem or finding out about your order takes ages. You don't get any feedback.

You can use Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) to effectively organize your business processes, increase customer satisfaction while reducing your employees' workload.

The combination of our knowledge of 'Working Together Smarter', your business processes and our wide-ranging expertise in ICT enables us to support you in realizing your ambitions and strategies.

We choose to apply ICT, coupled with business knowledge, as an enabler to solve business and societal issues: ICT as a 'smart' application.