Agile Consulting Services

AgileWorks is the newest member of the Ordina family but also a team brimming with experience. From scrum masters and agile enterprise coaches to team coaches and business consultants: each and every one of us is passionate about the agile mindset and was already actively involved in agile transformation journeys. We combine that experience and expertise with the necessary softskills to communicateto negotiateto drive change and to work with resistance. 

Wondering how our consultants can help your company to become agile?

Agile enterprise coach:  

Our agile enterprise coaches support clients who want a transformation to an agile organisation, where innovationcocreation and collaboration result in a higher customer satisfaction. They also drive teams to higher engagement and satisfaction so that the involved teams contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation. 
Through their experience with learning organisations, they have the right tools and skills at their disposal to guide our customers in their decision-making process.  They are bridge builders and pragmatically help realise continuous value creationbased on a vision that is supported by the whole company.
They support the organisation as a whole and ensure the realization of the agile way of working and thinking across the organisation. They are also responsible for the continuous improvement of the agile mindset and in this wayhelp eliminate ‘broken scrum’ and ‘agile in name only’. 

Agile team coach: 

Our agile team coaches get their energy from supporting, training and coaching scrum masters, the developers and product owners when introducing and applying an agile framework. They guide them in the iterative and continuous delivery of maximum business value for our customers.  With achieving optimal cooperation in mind, they coach teams to communicate efficiently and to correct each other when agreements are not respected.   
Evolving into self-organizing teams that semi-autonomously fulfill their mission and adjust themselves based on metrics is their ultimate ambition.
To increase performance and satisfaction, they also place great importance on explicitly agreeing on behaviors that empower everyone. 

Scrum Master: 

Our scrum masters act as leaders with a serve-first mindset: they make sure the team knows what to do, how to do it, that they can do it in a smooth wayand that everything efficiently comes together in a harmonious ensemble. And they do this every time, according to a fixed cadence. Based on the ‘agile values and principles’, they help the teams to communicate transparently and to discover and implement areas for improvement. They support the development team in organizing, planning and delivering their work. They do this by facilitating inspiring scrum events.
On a daily basis, they are committed  to creating a ‘safe environment’ where feedback and ideas can flow freely, people know each other’s strengths and reinforce each other’s talents. They ensure that communication is optimized which empowers the team. 


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