Agile Transformation Journey

Growing step by step towards a real agile organisation

Is ‘agile’ a buzzword? A tired, overused term? Maybe. The concept behind it, though, is anything but. These days, every organisation has to be extremely responsive and flexible to beat the competition. The experts of AgileWorks support you step by step towards achieving the agile mindset needed to do just that.

New, small companies are dynamic and responsive. They develop new products and services fast and constantly improve them. And, they continuously tweak their strategies, business models and even their teams. If you want to go toe-to-toe with them, you need to apply a similar flexibility: think agile.

What is an agile organisation?

Agile is not a methodology or process but a mindset. There is not even a manual for the transformation towards agile, just a starting point: ‘value creation for the customer’ is the basis for everything you think and do. This means that you set priorities and continuously measure and evaluate the impact of your actions, and that you are not afraid to make the necessary adjustments along the way. In other words, you are open to change and dare to experiment (even fail). And – more importantly – management doesn’t police but facilitates.

In the past few years, agile has been mostly associated with software development. However, IT is only one link in the value chain of an organisation. In our digital world, we see that really successful companies have an agile culture that is firmly embedded across the whole organisation: from IT, sales, HR and finance, all the way up to the management committee.

There is no manual for the transformation towards agile, only a starting point: ‘value creation for the customer’ is the basis for everything you think and do.

Why agile? 7 compelling benefits

If you manage to break free from all existing processes, models and culture and really become agile, you will be able to:

  1. launch new releases or new products faster
  2. make fast, better and well-supported decisions
  3. work more productively
  4. cut your operational costs
  5. improve the quality of products/services
  6. increase customer satisfaction
  7. motivate your employees

How can Ordina help?

Are you new to the world of agile and want to see how agile can help you? Or do you have years of experience but investments in agile haven’t quite paid off as expected? AgileWorks is here to help.

We bring together experts with years of experience in business, IT and agile to support you every step of the way with:

  • mapping your existing organisation and services/products offered
  • developing a vision/strategy
  • defining concepts and processes
  • change management and communication
  • implementing certain models or systems
  • continuous evaluations

But don’t forget: agile is about continuously improving in short, fast cycles. This also applies to an agile transformation project. Every project is a long-term partnership, built on trust – a journey during which we are not afraid to try things out and make prompt adjustments where needed.

Why Ordina?

  • A multidisciplinary, high-performance team with extensive knowledge, experience and soft skills
    AgileWorks is a new team within the Ordina group, but it is a team with plenty of experience. From scrum masters to agile enterprise coaches, agile coaches and change managers: all of them have earned their stripes in business/IT and on agile projects. We combine this experience and expertise with the necessary soft skills to communicate, negotiate, deal with change and resistance etc.
  • A pragmatic, down-to-earth approach
    AgileWorks is not a team of business consultants. Sure, our knowledge and experience of the business world, IT and agile means that we are ideally placed to give advice and make recommendations. But our team has also supported a considerable number of agile projects: we know the pitfalls and know how to deal with challenges. And that’s something you can take advantage of.

Want to find out how we can help your organisation become agile? Contact Jörgen for more info and testimonials.

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