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Excelling in the digital world is not an easy task. How can your business keep up with fast-evolving developments and, above all, how can you stand out? Enter Clockwork.

Clockwork: Ordina’s service design agency

By combining UX and service design with in-depth research, we come up with innovative business models and develop user-friendly, custom-made digital services and products. Our goal? To create added value for your organisation or user. We do this by working together with you – a foolproof approach for a guaranteed result.

Triple check for a valuable result

Moulding prevention at work into a digital platform, a future-oriented expansion of Clickshare technology, digitalise corporate banking  – all brilliant ideas that can make a difference. Can being the operative word, as all too often businesses develop solutions that nobody needs, that are hardly aimed at the user or that are simply not cost-effective.

If you want to achieve a good result, however, the recipe for success is hardly complicated – your solution has to be viable, usable and feasible. The triple check is the guiding principle throughout all our projects, and your guarantee of a valuable result.

  1. Viability check: Is the solution relevant for your organisation and your specific market? By mapping business challenges and combining them with stakeholder and competition analyses in a clever way, you can determine opportunities to grow.
  2. Usability check: Does your target group want to use your solution? Using thorough market and user research you customise your business plan, product or service exactly to the needs and wishes of your target group. This involves continuous testing and iterating, armed with flowcharts, wireframes and prototypes.
  3. Feasibility check: Is the development technically feasible and cost-effective? Tools, apps, websites and platforms are even more effective when they are efficiently designed and developed and are embedded into your existing technical environment.

Our approach

We perform our triple check step by step using a value-driven design thinking process. And of course the user is always at the heart of it all – which makes sense, as they are the ones who will eventually buy your product. Once all conditions have been met, we will get to work straightaway to really bring your idea to life – developing, testing, restarting, experimenting, critically evaluating and adjusting, just as long until your unique solution has become a reality.

How do we put all that into practice? Using a four-phase plan customised to your business

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.

Thomas J. Watson

Would you like to find out how Clockwork helped Proximus, the city of Antwerp and other big names make a difference? Then discover our customer case studies or read our story on our website.