Cyber Strategy & Maturity

Taking your cybersecurity to the next level step by step.

The core business of many companies today runs on IT. Every little change or disruption in your IT landscape means a new vulnerability, which can endanger vital business processes. Hackers strike at the weakest links: the organizations that have their cybersecurity least in order. The result may be a data breach, for example, in which (sensitive) personal data is exposed and your organization suffers damage to its reputation. The continuity of your business could also be at risk, because you cannot respond adequately to a hack.

Broad assessment of maturity level

With our Cyber Strategy & Maturity Solution we examine the maturity level of your cybersecurity. We assess all processes, not just IT. We take a critical look at the security and compliance aspects of logistics and operational processes, marketing, sales and HR, among others. In addition, we examine whether employees are sufficiently aware of security risks and how they can take these into account in the way they work. Then we actively set to work to bring your cybersecurity to a higher level step by step.

The Ordina Solution for Cyber Strategy & Maturity has added value for:

  • The non-systematic updating or non-application of patches. Many organizations do this with new IT systems, but forget to include old systems.
  • Complying with increasingly strict legislation and regulations. Think of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the government, but also of ISO27K and the BIO (government information security baseline). Clients and suppliers also expect your security to be in order.
  • (Too) fast implementation of software. Applications or software functionalities are often implemented under pressure of time, as a result of which security gets too little attention. By applying secure-by-design principles as early as in the development process, you get a better idea of (the level of) information security.

Client case – Health insurer VGZ

Ordina is investigating how health insurer VGZ can integrate safeguards for information security and privacy into its software development processes. The aim is to get a better understanding of the level of information security in the development phase. If security risks are only discovered after the fact, repairing them costs a lot of time and money. This is unnecessary and can be prevented with integral applications of secure-by-design principles. Read more about this case here.

Don’t burden IT application development teams with unnecessary issues.

Our approach

Ordina sees information security as an indispensable link in every organization’s business process. We are aware of the context in which your organization operates. Our advice is therefore tailored to the specific situation of your organization. Depending on your wishes, we look at the possibilities and how together we can bring the maturity of your organization in terms of security to a higher level step by step. In doing so, we use an integral approach in which we take into account technical, organizational and human aspects.

This approach translates into four phases: plan, do, check and act. With these four steps, Ordina iteratively increases the maturity and resilience of your organization.

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