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Your organization fully prepared for cybersecurity incidents

IT plays an increasingly important role in the management of almost every company. Along with the size and complexity of the IT environment, the chance of cybersecurity incidents is increasing. On the one hand, because hackers are constantly finding new ways to penetrate systems and networks. On the other hand, because organizations often have insufficient insight into and overview of their IT environment or use IT that cannot be updated. The impact of a security incident can be enormous. Doing nothing is then not an option. Every organization has a reputation to uphold and wants to get back to normal, healthy business operations as quickly as possible.

Case: Pepscan boosts digital resilience with the help of Ordina

Biopharmaceutical company Pepscan was confronted with a phishing email that at first glance seemed to be linked to its own organization. By acting quickly and calling in Ordina’s expertise, the impact remained limited and the risk of any cybersecurity incidents was reduced. Read the full case here.

Maximum resilience, minimum impact

Unfortunately, for various reasons, it is impossible to prevent all security incidents. However, it is possible to minimize the business impact of potential cybersecurity incidents on your organization and to make your organizations more agile and resilient. This is exactly what we do with the Ordina Solution for Cyberdetection & Response. We offer an integrated approach in which we:

  • prepare your organization for potential cybersecurity incidents and their business impact;
  • recommend specific measures to prevent or detect cybersecurity incidents, based on the business risks relevant to your organization;
  • provide the measures and people to detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents together with you, including through the use of our Blue Team of Cyber Defence specialists;
  • advise you on the basis of insights gained during the process, so that you can increase your resilience and mitigate business risks time and again.

Our approach

We address the following aspects with an integrated approach that includes technical, organizational and human aspects:

  • prepare the client for a potential cybersecurity incident and its business impact;
  • recommend specific measures to prevent or detect those cybersecurity incidents;
  • provide measures to detect those cybersecurity incidents;
  • act on the detected cybersecurity incidents together with the client.

This approach translates into four phases: prepare, prevent, detect and respond. With these four steps, Ordina iteratively increases the maturity, resilience and robustness of your organization in terms of Cyberdetection & Response.

The Ordina Solution for Cyberdetection & Response is supported by our Blue Team: a multidisciplinary team of Cyber Defence specialists. They work closely with your organization on the basis of their broad professional and business knowledge. By clarifying which processes are critical and make a direct contribution to the objectives of your organization, we highlight the bottlenecks in your organization. This way we determine where a potential security incident will have the most impact. Thanks to our intensive cooperation with ESET – a specialist in tackling malware, among other things – we always have the best consultants and technical specialists to hand.

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