Cybersecurity testing & reporting

Understanding your IT vulnerabilities through ethical hacking.

Many companies’ core business relies on IT. If malicious parties penetrate your IT systems, the consequences can be enormous. Think of a data leak, in which personal data is made public and you suffer enormous damage to your reputation. Or ransomware that shuts down your production process, putting the continuity of your business at risk. In addition, increasingly strict laws and regulations simply oblige you to have your cybersecurity in order. Your clients and suppliers also expect you to have everything well organized in this area. It is therefore important that your organization take cybersecurity seriously and place it high on its list of priorities.

Ethical hacking by Ordina Red Team

With the Ordina Solution for Cybersecurity Testing & Reporting, we help you gain an understanding of your organization’s technical vulnerabilities and provide adequate advice to increase the digital resilience of your system, network or organization. We do this by testing an application, an organizational process or human behaviour, for example, for security vulnerabilities. This happens, for instance, in the form of a pen test, a phishing mail to colleagues or a vulnerability scan. Subsequently, we provide a recommendation based on the results. We carry out the testing and reporting with a team of ethical hackers, the Ordina Red Team.

Added value for your organization:

  • You comply at all times with the current laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Your clients and suppliers know that your cybersecurity is well managed.
  • Thanks to our practical, action-oriented reporting, you already know which future steps you need to take to keep your cybersecurity at the desired level.

Our approach

For our Cybersecurity Testing & Reporting solution, we work with the Ordina Red Team. This is a team of ethical hackers who have all the required training and certifications to be able and allowed to do this work. The Ordina Red Team tests a research object – such as an application, a client network, an organizational process or human behaviour – for security vulnerabilities. We do this in various forms, including social engineering, security code reviews: pen testing and red teaming. We use an integrated, proven approach consisting of six steps in which information security and quality requirements are safeguarded from technology, organizational issues and human aspects.

Our clients

The Ordina Red Team is active in government, from ministries to large municipalities, the national security sector and industry. Ordina is one of the parties that won the GGI-Safe tender of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG). The VNG wants to implement the Municipal Common Infrastructure (GGI) for the municipalities. With GGI-Safe, municipalities will increase their digital resilience and make their ICT infrastructure more secure.

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