Making your organization more secure and resilient to cyberattacks.

In these days of digital transformation, cybersecurity should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind, whatever sector they operate in. Take a data leak, for instance. Not only could this have a catastrophic direct impact on a business, it can also create negative publicity. Most organizations understand the importance of having cybersecurity measures in place – a set of measures taken to protect valuable and confidential information, programmes, computers and networks against digital attacks. But the introduction or management of such measures is often seen as a complex undertaking.

Cybersecurity embedded in your operations

As part of our Cybersecurity business proposition, we make your organization more secure and resilient to cyberattacks. With this approach, we help identify potential risks and measures to limit these risks. We also make sure that your employees have a greater awareness of security risks and how to take these into account as they go about their work. This way, we ensure that cybersecurity is embedded as a standard practice in your operations. In other words, our comprehensive approach aims to minimize the impact of a cyberattack on the quality and continuity of your business.

Added value of Ordina Cybersecurity

  • Flexibility: we consider cybersecurity a vital link in the continuity of your business operations. This helps ensure that your business remains flexible, innovative and competitive.
  • Raised awareness: we raise awareness of security risks among your employees and how they can take these into consideration when going about their daily tasks.
  • Minimal impact in the event of cyberattacks: your organization knows how to detect an attack early, so that the impact on your business is kept to a minimum.

Client case study – Improving cybersecurity and cyber resilience across industries

From healthcare insurance providers to municipal authorities and from banks to pharmaceutical companies: whatever industry our clients operate in, we help make organizations more secure and resilient to cyberattacks.

For instance, we implemented our Cyber Strategy & Maturity solution at healthcare insurance provider VGZ to accelerate their testing of IT processes in terms of security and privacy risks. Read more about this case study here.

Confronted with a phishing email, biopharmaceutical company Pepscan was able to take prompt action thanks to our Cyber Detection & Response solution. As a result, the impact of this phishing attack was kept to a minimum and the risk of further cybersecurity incidents has been reduced. Read more about this case study here.

Through comprehensive application of secure-by-design principles, security is now embedded across processes at VGZ.

Our approach

We improve your security and resilience to cyberattacks through a comprehensive approach, which incorporates technology, organizational issues and people aspects. As part of this approach, we map the most relevant risks with you; determine the appropriate protection, monitoring and follow-up; and test the resilience of your organization. We focus particularly on business processes that have the biggest impact on your organization. We call this risk-based application and integration.

Ordina uses three solutions to tackle the specific security challenges of its clients:

Our solutions