Data Driven Services

Data is your business compass. Ordina, your data technology partner.

Data is the new gold and generates new business thanks to business intelligence. But, where do you start? At Data Analytics & Data Science from Ordina! We convert data into insights. Ordina’s business intelligence and data science consultants have experience in the implementation of market leading business intelligence, big data and analytical platforms and software, both cloud based and on-premise. Using solutions and business platforms from, among others, Microsoft, Tableau, Cloudera, AWS, Hadoop, R, Python, Qlik, and SAP. Our experts ensure that data becomes a compass for your business decisions. With over 150 data professionals, we are the largest company in the Benelux active in the data analytics and science field.

Team of experts

At VisionWorks, Ordina’s BI & Analytics unit, we assist our customers in becoming smarter data-driven organizations. VisionWorks is an experienced player in the field of data integration, analytics and data science. Efficiency improvement and strengthening our customers market position is our first target. We are convinced that information turns into value when employees, managers and directors start acting on it, when processes are optimized, when organizations obtain better results, when data helps to predict the future. We are passionate about data. We want to discover the value, understand it, and make it available to our customers in the most actionable way possible. We tend to crawl under our customers skin.

Intelligent Data-Driven Organization

We can help you develop an intelligent data-driven organization. Contact us for:

  • Advanced analytics
    Data scientists use data to realize predictive and prescriptive models and recommendations.
  • Data platforms
    In addition to traditional data infrastructures, data platforms mainly contain new forms of data storage and data access.
  • Data migration
    Migration is complex. Whether it concerns the introduction of a new package, consolidating multiple systems or a new construction. Ordina is the expert in data migration, data integration and data quality.
  • Smart asset management (SAM)
    SAM enables remote inspection of assets. We do this by automatically detecting anomalies between the described situation and the actual situation. SAM combines technologies such as artificial intelligence, GEO-ICT and ERP-asset management.
  •  Corporate performance management (CPM).
    Our Analytics Based Performance Management solutions help your teams to create accurate, relevant financial and operational plans, budgets and forecasts. The link between operational and financial data, along with analytical data, provides new insights and can create opportunities for your business. The performance management solution from Vena Solutions is an easy to use and implement solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, analysis and other performance management applications. This in a web based platform that uses your existing spreadsheets and models. The Vena Solutions can be implemented stand-alone or linked to BI and Predictive Analytics in your company.

Possible forms of cooperation

We have several forms of cooperation to be of service to you:

  • Consultancy
    We provide professionals who can realize short or long term data objectives for you.
  • Projects
    We start with your request, draw up a project plan and execute it agile with high performance teams.
  • Co-creation
    We jointly create a team of data professionals who work by best practices.

To sum up

  1. We believe in the convergence of traditional business intelligence, advanced analytics, big data, data visualization and data science.
  2. We think along and assist in unlocking, processing, transforming, visualizing and analyzing datasets, regardless of size or source.
  3. We flawlessly integrate data coming from a variety of systems: ERP, CRM, MES, HR, Internet, Social Networks, sensors etc.
  4. We help you towards GDPR compliancy with data migration & anonymization services & solutions
  5. We focus on the business user and strive to build efficient and user-friendly interfaces: from reports to dashboards, web interfaces, user portals and mobile solutions.


Ask for more info on projects we managed at production, logistics, media, telco, utilities and pharma companies. Some of our customers are Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Digipolis, YPTO, Nike, ArcelorMittal, Elia, Essent, Medialaan, etc.