Data migration

Safe and hassle-free data transfer.

Saving on operational costs, unifying business processes or rationalizing the application landscape; there are many reasons to migrate data to another system. Organizations often misjudge the complexity of a data migration. They set to work themselves or with an implementation partner and then get stuck. The risks involved are considerable, as is the impact if things go wrong. For example, on continuity of business processes, corporate image and compliance with laws and regulations.

Added value of data migration

  • Cost reduction: e.g. due to transition to one system, end of life of applications or integration of two companies.
  • Uniform accountability: data becomes more reliable.
  • Rationalisation of applications: applications become faster, better and cheaper.
  • Shorter time to market: being able to respond quickly to market developments.


Case: Data migration in the financial sector

Ordina helped Volksbank migrate mortgage portfolios to a new IT environment. We carried out the data migration based on our proven Ordina Solution for Data Migration approach. The objectives in terms of complexity and cost reduction and reporting were achieved and banks gained a better insight into the quality of their mortgage portfolio.

Well-thought-out migration strategy

  • Based on a well thought-out migration strategy and approach, we ensure that the data migration proceeds smoothly, silently, with minimized risks and without continuity problems.
  • During the ‘move’, the data is enriched, restored and cleaned up, so that the data in the new environment fully meets the organization’s (future) needs.
  • During this process, the ‘shop’ can remain open; your organization does not suffer any loss of productivity and your clients do not notice the work taking place.

Our approach

Thanks to our many years’ experience, we are the partner of choice when it comes to complex data migrations. With our Ordina Solution for Data Migration, we ensure that a data migration creates value for an organization. This approach comprises various phases. In consultation, we determine which steps need to be taken to achieve the desired result. We work with high-performance teams of professionals and specialists, who are dedicated to data migration, are attuned to each other and are masters of all relevant technologies.