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How to get real value from your data

Is data science hype? Absolutely not, but there is a ‘but’: a data science project can only be valuable and make companies really smarter if done correctly. This is why Ordina’s data science team focuses on relevant sector applications and adopts a proven approach to get real value from your data.

How can we limit the number of manual tests to a minimum when developing a vaccine so that our vaccine can be tested faster and more accurately? How do we optimise our supply chain to get our goods to the customer quicker while reducing CO2 emissions? What questions does our call centre receive from which customers and how can we reduce the number of calls? These are concrete questions Ordina’s data science team has recently answered – with successful results.

An energy supplier receives 32% fewer calls – without compromising the level of service – thanks to an insight into customer needs.

What can Ordina’s data scientists do for you?

Because data science is such a broad field, Ordina’s data science team builds applications with the help of AI and machine learning for sectors for which they have all the required business knowhow. We help customers from these sectors in three ways:

  • People analytics
    Using statistics, data analysis and algorithms, our data scientists look for ways to improve the interaction with customers, patients or employees – and as a result, work more efficiently, improve sales figures or level of service etc.

An example? For an energy supplier, we mapped the types of calls received by the call centre. Based on our predictive models (who calls when and why), the company created personalised videos for its customers, which resulted in a 32% decrease in telephone queries.

  • Automation and optimisation
    By bundling data, looking for patterns in it and using predictive models on it, we help organisations automate and optimise their processes radically. Think for instance of predictive maintenance, image recognition, anomaly detection and time series techniques.

An example? For a well-known healthcare company, we created algorithms to automate a lab test with a flow cytometer. The result? Whereas a researcher used to spend 40 minutes per test, this test is now completed in 5 minutes, without intervention of the researcher.

  • Data monetisation
    Using data, our data scientists help organisations develop new business models and new types of services.

An example? Together with Proximus, we developed MyAnalytics, a service which offers anonymous, aggregated location data of telephone users to organisations. Several cities use this data to make investment decisions (where do most tourists visit, how much commuter traffic is there etc) for instance.

Ordina’s data science team focuses on actually relevant applications based on sector experiences.

A unique approach to get real value from your data

Despite the growing interest in data science, in every organisation, many data science projects fail. They get stuck in the prototype or test stage. Or they are actually rolled out but don’t produce the expected positive results. Our data science team has mapped all obstacles of data science projects. Based on these insights, we have developed a unique Data2Value approach to guarantee your success:

Our data science team has mapped all obstacles of data science projects. Based on these insights, we have developed a unique approach to guarantee your success.

Why Ordina?

  • We help you get real added value from your data
    Our experts bridge the gap between a purely operational and a purely strategic approach to data science: our support doesn’t stop at an assessment or analysis and goes beyond developing one specific predictive model.
  • We are a partner, not a supplier
    Our data scientists work together with your business and with your data experts, if any: we listen to your challenges, want to understand how you work and think along with you. Only then can our data science project provide added value.
  • You receive the best support, thanks to our experts
    Our data science team consists of experienced, enthusiastic data scientists from a wide range of backgrounds: not just maths and statistics geniuses but also people with a business background, visualisation specialists and technical experts who can anchor our analyses in your existing processes.
  • You can count on our multidisciplinary team
    Data science doesn’t happen in isolation. In order to understand your sector well, integrate our solutions into your existing IT systems, build in privacy and security etc, we join forces with our colleagues from other business units.

Our experts bridge the gap between a purely operational and a purely strategic approach to data science.

Already built successful applications but can’t seem to get beyond the test or proof-of-concept stage?
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