Data visualisation

Clear dashboards, with additional recommendations,
so you can make the right decisions

Like any other organisation, you have probably been using reports and dashboards for many years. But do they provide relevant information or valuable insights? Do they help you take the right actions? Complex data issues require powerful dashboards that are easy to understand and use. The data visualisation experts of Ordina translate your data into crystal-clear graphs, tables, flow charts etc. What’s more, they can make your visualisations more meaningful by providing sound recommendations and tips. This enables you to take the right decisions and actions time and again.

Traditional Business Intelligence reports and dashboards map internal company data, to base business decisions on. As a rule, these dashboards provide an insight into the situation ‘as is’. Ordina takes visualisation a step further: by combining data from the most diverse sources – from historical or real-time company data and sensor data to external data – we design analytical dashboards that provide the right info at the right time.

Visual data is processed 60.000 times faster than text.

What can the data visualisation experts of Ordina do for you?

Do you want to process and visualise the results of a survey quickly and clearly so that everyone can learn from them? Are you a media company who needs help summarising a wide range of data in a clear infographic that your audience understands instantly? Do you want to combine company data with external sources and convert this into clear dashboards? Does your logistics team want to know where their trailers are as well as how they can be deployed again in the most efficient way?

Our data visualisation experts help you combine and visualise data. Our service is based on four pillars:

  • We build reliable, accessible and attractive reports and dashboards.
    We visualise even the most complex data sets in a clear dashboard (reports, scatter diagrams and histograms, infographics, heat maps etc) for you. If need be, in addition to the traditional tools, we will even incorporate our inhouse developed graph types and plug-ins to enable you to quickly make connections, carry out analyses and take the right actions.
  • We visualise your data and make it more meaningful by providing recommendations and tips to really activate your business.
    Besides visualising your data, we analyse your user needs and investigate how we can use data to propose smart actions. For instance, we can enrich your dashboard with recommendations and tips to help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Example? A major bank commissioned us to visualise the performance indicators relationship managers receive around sales efficiency. We delivered more than just the traditional report, providing the relationship managers with an up-to-date overview of actions they can take to boost the sales efficiency, complete with explanations alongside these recommendations.

  • We combine your data in a smart way, revealing underlying patterns in the process.

Example? Domus Medica carried out a survey among Belgian GPs to evaluate its service. We consolidated the feedback in an infographic which provided a clear overview of the strengths and points for development.

  • We share our expertise through training courses and expert coaching sessions.
    Our visualisation experts are also happy to share their knowledge and best practices of data visualisation with your team, through training courses and coaching sessions.

Example? Our expert Joris regularly gives visualisation training courses to several of our customers.

We don’t just visualise your data, we analyse it too. This enables us to enrich your dashboard with recommendations and tips to help you achieve your goals.

Why Ordina?

  • Together with you, we look for the most efficient data visualisations
    Together with your users, we look for the visualisations you need and also cocreate our proposals with your teams. The benefit to you? Users are happy to use the end-result and are even ambassadors of the solutions.

Five steps to clear effective visualisation: discover our methodology.

  • You receive the best solution, experience and expertise
    Our data visualisation team consists of experienced, enthusiastic experts with a diverse background: analysts with a business background who understand your story, IT technicians who take care of the technical side of things, and others. They know what data visualisation has to achieve, know the technology and have experience of data projects across a wide variety of organisations.
  • You can count on the support of a multidisciplinary team
    Data visualisation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We work closely with our data engineers and data scientists and also join forces with colleagues in other business units. This enables us to integrate your reporting with your existing IT systems, consider certain security or privacy aspects or extend the platform with innovative solutions based on RPA, IoT, AI etc.

Look beyond data visualisation: want to take a close look at your entire data cycle besides your data visualisation processes? No problem! We will call in the expertise of our ORCA colleagues (Ordina Reporting Acceleration and Consolidation), who will help you collect relevant data effortlessly and translate it into insights in  no time.

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