Adding value smartly with data science.

Data is collected continuously, at any time, anywhere. Organizations need to be able to look ahead and make decisions based on data. This can be achieved with the help of data science. Data science is a multidisciplinary field that uses statistics, data analysis and algorithms to extract value from large quantities of (un)structured data.

Curious how we are helping the Port of Rotterdam Authority become the smartest port in the world?

Foto van boot in Haven Rotterdam

Against the backdrop of Maasvlakte 2, Robbert Engels (Product Director PortXchange Port of Rotterdam Authority), Ted Oliekan (BUM Data Science) and Emiel van Bockel (Director Data Driven) explain what Ordina contributed to the development of PortXchange. A platform that, based on the available data, provides the most optimal planning for the arrival and departure of sea-going vessels in the port of Rotterdam.

Ordina then gave us a jump-start to setting up the PortXchange platform and upscaling it quickly.

Adding value smartly with data science

Based on data, your organization can improve processes and introduce new services. In this way, your organization becomes intelligent and data-driven. An intelligent data-driven organization relies on data and responds adequately to change. With its Data2Value approach, Ordina helps its clients to be ahead of change.

Ordina’s approach to data science

Ordina has developed its own approach based on its years of experience with data science: Data2Value. Ordina uses its Data2Value approach to ensure that data science leads to added value. In a multidisciplinary client team, domain and data experts from your organization work together with our data science experts. This way we avoid the well-known pitfall of data scientists working in isolation within the organization, so that prototypes of forecasts and algorithms never reach production.

The Data2Value approach consists of several phases, namely the hypothesis phase, the analysis phase, the prototype phase and the implementation phase. In these phases, competencies such as consulting, data science, user experience, engineering and security come together. Ordina has experience in all disciplines and offers access to all necessary knowledge depending on the issue and your needs.