Digital workplace

The office of the future

A few elements are central within our digital workplaces: online collaboration, information access, customer interaction and targeting. However, a one-size-fits-all-solution does not exist. After all, a knowledge worker needs different tools than a carpenter. Harvest the fruits of the new world with a next generation digital workplace from Ordina.

Sharpen your elevator pitch at the airport in London. Get extra information via smart glasses to fix a stubborn problem. Work in an online project environment, so that colleagues can innovate in co-creation from different locations. You, and your workforce, perform optimally with a digital workplace.

Focus on people

The new generation of work environments is based on the individual. For that reason, at Ordina, we first look at the roles of the various employees and their specific requirements. Including in the field internal and external cooperation. We then consider which digital tools are needed for each group separately to enable them to perform their daily activities as effectively as possible.


Because the world around you will continue to change, the modular character of the solution is key. In our opinion, it must be child’s play to add a new functionality to the digital workplace that you make available to specific groups of employees. Here it is important that employees can determine themselves which tools they use and when. Device independent. Ultimately this is about increasing the digital productivity of your organization.


What you get are dynamic digital workplaces that are not only future proof, but also offer you benefits such as high speed and availability, reduction of TCO and excellent security. Naturally it includes online and offline support. We can also take responsibility for the management of your IT landscape, in which Ordina manages the various IT suppliers.


Experienced Ordina consultants advise you on how to work smarter. We define objectives and priorities. We pay attention to the impact with respect to culture and leadership and guide you in the change and communication process to managers and employees. We analyse your existing IT-infrastructure and determine what you need in terms of new IT-solutions to support “working smarter”. Our solutions are customised to your business, depending on your needs. As a Microsoft Gold partner we have experienced consultants in Microsoft Skype for Business, Teams, SharePoint, Office 365, Project Online and ADAM.


Ask us for more information on projects we managed at following customers: Galapagos, Arcelor, Partena, LBC Tankterminals, ADMB, TomTom, Evonik, Idewe, Dekra, etc.