Field Service Planning

Schedule your employees more efficiently and flexibly at the same time.

Scheduling employees with diverse experiences and competencies is a complex puzzle. Especially when your people work externally, at your customers’ premises, as home carers or domestic help, installers, technicians, security personnel, etc. How do you plan each field service employee as efficiently as possible, while taking into account the needs and wishes of your people and your customers? Discover our platform for Field Service Planning.

Three reasons to invest in a scheduling solution

Field Service Planning is a scalable, digital solution for scheduling tasks on-site. The tool automatically calculates the optimal combination of people and assignments, taking a wide range of factors into account, schedules your employees and provides reports.

Your benefits:

  1. Plan more efficiently, deliver quality and save
    Determine your planning based on various factors: from the availability, skills, location, possibilities for mobility, employment contract and wishes of your employees to the preferences of your customers. This way, you always offer the right help at the right time and the right price.
  2. Ensure satisfied, loyal employees
    Draw up timetables that guarantee a good work-life balance (children, training, sport, etc.), fit in with the knowledge, possibilities and personal preferences (shifts, leave, etc.) of your people and offer them flexibility. Reduce the administrative pressure on field staff and make the job of planner more interesting.
  3. Turn customers into fans
    Make sure your field service employees arrive on time and deliver quality services, communicate transparently and leave room for last-minute interventions or flexible adjustments. Give your customer a say in the planning. So that you exceed the wishes of your demanding customers.

“Employees have a say in how their schedules are drawn up and less paperwork is generated.”

Field Service Planning: the features

  • The foundation: the Delmia Quintiq total workforce planning solution from Dassault Systèmes.
  • Extra features for optimisation (most efficient movements, employee input in scheduling, etc.)
  • Participatory scheduling: a wide range of features give the employee a say in the creation of their schedule, from respecting personal preferences to full self-scheduling.
  • Cloud SaaS solution: accessible, always available, secure.
  • Scalable: evolves with your organisation (changes in tasks, regulations, etc.).

Ordina: our approach

Our Supply Chain Optimization team has years of experience with planning puzzles: from logistics and production planning to workforce planning. By combining this expertise with the leading software from Dassault Systèmes and the familiarity with your organisation, we design a solution that precisely meets your needs.

  • Assessment and analysis
    We map out your planning processes, identify issues and examine whether and how the platform can help you (cost-benefit analysis).
  • Design and implementation
    We customise the planning solution and add your data. This is done in an agile way: we constantly test, refine the proposal and adjust where necessary. Then we integrate the solution into your existing IT landscape: HR systems (staff data and roles), payroll and invoicing.
  • Roll-out and knowledge transfer
    We roll out the solution within the organisation, activate the mobile app for field workers and ensure the transfer of knowledge
  • Support and advice
    We are also available after the go-live. We offer support and explain any new features, so that you get the most out of your investment.

98% of our customers consider our field service scheduling solution to be at the heart of their business.

Why Ordina?

  • Years of experience with planning puzzles. References: Familiehulp, Eurostar, Radio France, ISS, NEP, Koninklijke Marechaussee, France-TV, Douane, VRT, …
  • A multidisciplinary, high-performance team
  • Exceptional service with guarantees

Do you want your planners to focus on exceptions and sudden changes?
To work with a tool that evolves with new business activities and legislation? Curious as to how we can help you? Contact us.