Java development

End-to-end Java software development, maintenance and outsourcing

Ordina designs, tests, builds and manages applications based on Java and open source technology. We develop and manage your applications as if we were doing it for ourselfs. We are big enough to offer you economies of scale, yet small enough to know all our customers. You’ll be supported by a single team that develops and manages your applications. You know them, they know you. This means that the lines are short and that we can respond to your priorities.

Innovative power on demand

Disruptive companies are changing the rules of the game in your market. To stay ahead, you need to be able to rely on a strong and innovative IT partner to help you develop and maintain software. A partner who understands your market and who translates your needs into new functionalities.

Java and open source technology are the standards for developing and opening up web and mobile applications, games and business software. There are innovative Java applications for a wide range of computer platforms. The advent of Java and open source systems drastically changed software development: long and expensive implementation processes made way for agile development methods. This means that workable solutions can be implemented quickly, with higher ROI. Are you ready for the first sprint?


JWorks, the Java and JavaScript agile development team of Ordina, provides the solutions you need to make innovation possible within your company. The solutions are lean and mean, and developed in no time at all. JWorks designs, tests, builds and manages Java and open source applications, based on known frontend and backend technology.


Your business colleagues want more new applications. So you need to be able to develop software quickly. That’s why we use the latest development tools, modernise our processes and set up advanced development paths or cloud platforms. We measure and automate our work. For you and with you. We use the agile and DevOps approach. We do not believe in a traditional waterfall approach. But, whichever approach you choose, quality, and so privacy and security, is always key. That’s what we call ‘secure by design’.


We deliver first-class applications and customized operating systems for lots of companies. And we are just as happy to manage their entire application landscape. Our consultants always keep a tight overview, ensure that all applications work together seamlessly. They act as a contact person for everything and everyone involved in the management of your applications. Stress around managing your applications or controlling different software providers is therefore a thing of the past.

Smart outsourcing

Your question is our starting point. We can advise you, work together on a project basis, delegate experts or even provide entire teams that are attuned to each other and achieve maximum results in short sprints: it’s up to you to choose. We believe that software should perfectly meet your needs. We take this into account when developing and implementing updates. We do not use standard packages or standard approaches but always work on a tailor-made basis. Read more about smart outsourcing.

Our expertise at a glance

  •     Architecture and requirements
  •     Code quality and review
  •     Test Automation
  •     Continuous delivery
  •     Application lifecycle management
  •     Agile and DevOps transformation
  • Training and coaching programs

Technological focus and competences

We closely monitor the market en evaluate our preferences periodically by using a technology radar.

Backing: API & Microservices: Spawning & IaaS

Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, MongoDB, Postgre SQL, Red Hat Openshift, Dock, Hibernate, GitHub, JIRA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, OpenAM, AuthO, REST Services, Cloud Foundry etc.

Front Bound: JS Core & frameworks

Ionic, Angular, Html, CSS, JS, TS, Firebase etc.


Proximus, SAP and Ordina joined forces to build innovative applications for their customers based on LoRa and IoT.


Agile, scrum, XP, SAFe, LeSS, DevOps, High Performance Teams, Lean SixSigma, GxP etc.


We work for companies from various sectors such as Proximus, Nike, Touring, TVH, Lidl, Provikmo, KBC, Antwerp Port House, HZIV, Belfius, Rabobank, the Flemish government and Galapagos. Contact us for more information about our projects.