Production planning

Intelligent optimisation of your production means and processes

Every manufacturing company is confronted with various challenges when trying to maintain its competitive advantage. How to manufacture efficiently in an increasingly competitive market where margins and prices are under pressure? How does globalisation and consolidation affect your business? Are you flexible enough to respond to changing business models and new regulations?

The production planning solution of Ordina helps you deal with such common obstacles to profitability as high stock levels, poor delivery performance, low yield and a lot of waste.

Focus on 5 integrated pillars

  • Demand planning or forecasting
  • Strategic planning: product mix optimisation, long-term capacity and material planning, supply chain design and supply chain scenario planning
  • Capacity planning: optimal balancing of capacity and demand, order acceptance (ATP/CTP), optimal stock planning, maintenance planning and campaign planning
  • Detailed scheduling: optimal and accurate sequence planning of orders according to resources, order combinations
  • Execution planning: fast and well-considered response (re-planning) to unforeseen events and last-minute changes

Best-fit approach

During the value-discovery phase, we analyse your existing supply chain and production processes and identify points for improvement, based on which we create a business case linked to a project proposal.
During the value-delivery phase, we carry out these improvements together with you, implement the best-fit planning solution, train and support your employees and ensure a smooth roll-out. Finally, you choose from our different value support options, which gives you the peace of mind of having a planning solution that works flawlessly.

Ordina’s production planning solution – the benefits to you

  • Intelligent planning and optimisation tailored to your needs and geared to the right level of detail;
  • Transparency: every party involved has the right KPI based information/reports;
  • Flexible interaction (e.g. with MES and ERP) to be able to respond quickly to changing situations or disruptions;
  • ‘Multi-level’ planning through integration of various planning issues.

With our integrated production planning solution, you shift your focus from pure cost-saving to value creation and increasing your competitive advantage. You equip your company with the planning tools and techniques needed to achieve the highest possible throughput capacity with the lowest possible stock levels. You guarantee high quality and delivery performance, and as a result, high customer satisfaction.