Robotic Process Automation

Operational excellence thanks to software robots


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the automation of business rule-based business processes by means of a software application or robot.
High volumes of data transactions? Data security challenges? Standardized processes? Software robots take manual, time-consuming, repetitive work out of the hands of your employees. RPA software does exactly the same as your employee: logging in to legacy systems, simulating keyboard and mouse inputs, reading information from screens, combining and transforming, and entering it into other systems. Software robots work cheaper, faster, faultless, and 365/24/7.

3 reasons to start RPA

  1. RPA automates processes from the user’s point of view and saves costs. Fewer mistakes, fewer administrative staff and higher employee satisfaction.
  2. RPA enables your business to transform digitally faster without major modifications to your legacy back-end systems and other applications.
  3. Your organization has an efficiency and process improvement. An extra step towards operational excellence.

Your business case

Ordina’s RPA business unit assists clients in defining and implementing concrete RPA business cases. From our experience we know which stakeholders you need to involve in your project and what the critical success factors in robotisation are. Our consultants start from your question or need, not from a product. For the introduction of RPA solutions, we work with technologies such as Uipath, Kofax Kapow and BluePrism.

Do you have ideas or questions for applying RPA in your business? Do not hesitate to contact us.