Security & privacy

Step by step to a mature security and privacy management policy

How do you prevent your company data from being tampered with or falling into the hands of third parties? How do you protect the data of your customers and employees? Ordina answers your security and privacy challenges, whether they are small or large. Step by step, our experts guide you to a mature security and privacy management policy. At your pace.

Our starting point: an integral approach

Smart technology can help you in securing your systems and to comply with privacy regulations. But you also require procedures. The impact of your employees is substantial. That’s why Ordina’s security and privacy experts look at your security and privacy approach as a whole: we take technology, organisation (procedures) and people into account. In addition, we guide you through every step of your security or privacy policy: from analysis of the existing situation to monitoring. Of course, we can also help you with one particular challenge.

Our services at a glance

  • Security engineering: pentesting, source code review, …
  • Security monitoring: CSIRT, vulnerability management, …
  • Security audit
  • ISMS
  • Data protection: privacy, GDPR, and the corresponding technical, organisational and administrative security measures


An integral approach to your security policy means we can help you with:

  • Mapping risks and bottlenecks
    Our consultants analyse your existing procedures, technologies, application and infrastructure, uncover risks and listen to your needs and ambitions concerning information security.
  • Developing improvement measures
    Based on the results we offer you improvement measures, define priorities and put together a plan of action.
  • Development and implementation
    Our consultants develop security solutions based on your needs. Each application we deliver is developed based on our own ‘secure by design’ methodology.
  • Follow up on the security process
    Technology moves fast. Cybercrime gets increasingly smart. We anticipate change, if wanted, we offer you permanent security monitoring.


Based on a roadmap we make your organization GDPR compliant:

  • Awareness
    To create awareness about privacy there are many options: trainings, workshops, internal communication, phishing campaigns …
  • Analyse
    In a first audit we map your current procedures and methods.
  • Align and implement
    Our experts analyse and review the way your organization collects, stores and manages personal data. You receive a report that has results and a plan of approach. A plan which we can also implement for you, in line with our ‘secure by design’ methodology.
  • Execute and monitor
    We can implement the made recommendations and write out the necessary policies and processes, and we can train your staff in best practices. In need of a DPO or privacy officer to guide you in everything concerning privacy and data protection? We can help.

Over 90% of all security and privacy incidents are caused by human errors.

Why Ordina?

Security is in our DNA

Ordina is a secure-by-design company: each employee has followed the necessary security training(s) and/or obtained certificates. Also, the Ordina group is ISO 27001 certified.

IT, business and legal experts under one roof

Our security and privacy team consists of real experts in different disciplines: from IT-experts and business consultants to legal experts with knowledge of international, European and local privacy regulations.

A pragmatic approach

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Together we prioritize risks and look for the right balance in your needs versus the possibilities (budget, time, means).