Smart Outsourcing

Application and infrastructure management

You want to respond continuously to the world around you but also have the certainty that your enterprise applications and custom applications continue to run steady. From SAP, SAP HANA to Microsoft.net and Java solutions. And what about your infrastructure landscape? How do you run it? Ordina can manage and renew your infrastructure and/or application landscape with attention to the constantly changing world. So that your IT always contributes optimally to your ambitions.

Ordina is a proactive partner for IT management that ensures your infrastructure landscape and enterprise applications are always up-to-date. We focus on your objectives and draw your attention to new opportunities that arise. We do not do this based on a one-size-fits-all solution or contracts set in concrete, but with a cooperative format that suits you. A kind of tailor-made suit for application/infrastructure management. How do we get there?

Mapping the application / infrastructure landscape

A detailed blueprint of your environment is key to defining the service level required. For that reason, we map your IT landscape. With you we will discuss levels of importance and jointly determine the application lifecycle phase in which your various applications will be situated.

Appropriate management solution

Based on the inventory and your ambitions we produce a management proposal that meets your needs of today and tomorrow. Whether you choose on-site, onshore or offshore, secondment, co-sourcing or high performance teams, Ordina is your partner. You pick the desired service level and model.

A flawless transition

You decide whether you entrust the management entirely to Ordina, or go for a hybrid cooperative format in which our experts will for instance work with you on location. But, whatever you choose: we ensure that we provide added value fast and silently to your organization. You will primarily notice that processes will run more smoothly and the service improves.

Implementation of application management

Once the cooperation is a fact, you will have a partner in Ordina who ensures that infrastructure, standard packages and custom applications do what they are supposed to do: support, improve and accelerate your primary processes. With the implementation of business platforms that are the driving force behind every intelligent data driven organization. In other words, we ensure that your organization remains relevant in a constantly changing world.

Our three service models:

  • Excellence-model: standardized application management
  • Embrace-model: standard application management is possible but there is also room for customization
  • Empower-model: the full unburdening of customers in terms of the managing and upgrading an application landscape