Spatial insights

Gaining spatial insight with GEO-ICT

Imaging the traffic network to make damage to the road surface visible in real time. Determining the optimal route for the delivery of packages for a postal company. Or predicting, based on models, how a breach in a dike will allow the water to find a way through and flood lower-lying areas. Working with GEO-ICT means gaining a deeper insight into your environment.


Case: Network Management Application for Rijkswaterstaat

Over the years, Ordina has built up extensive experience in GEO-ICT with a variety of clients in different markets. Ordina has developed a portal, the Network Management Application, that allows the Rijkswaterstaat to keep its knowledge of the road network up to date, ready and reliable. This allows for a better understanding of the effects of changes to the road network over time on traffic levels and the living environment.

Rijkswaterstaat now always has the right up-to-date information on future projects.

Information with a spatial component

GEO-ICT is about collecting, storing, optimizing, relating and integrating this geo-information. By linking information with a spatial component to a location and enriching and analysing it with digital information, this information is given added value on the basis of which your organization can take strategic and tactical decisions. This is still done too little at the moment and that is a missed opportunity. By adding a spatial dimension to management information, organizations can reduce operational costs, make smarter use of scarce resources and increase conversion.

Read more about the GEO-ICT Competence Center here, by our expert Jasper.

Our approach

Our ‘Spatial insights’ approach consists of various phases in which different competences such as consulting, data science, user experience, engineering, platform and security come together. Together with Ordina, your organization determines which steps you can take to achieve the required functionality. The multidisciplinary team then goes through the chosen steps with your organization.