Supply Chain Optimization

Planning solutions, manufacturing operations management and optimization exercises

SCO, Ordina’s Supply Chain Optimization team, helps customers to make complex processes clearer and to manage them more efficiently. Thanks to our solutions you can make the right decisions more easily, underpinned and with a view to maximum efficiency.

A team of 40 consultants with years of experience in the field of planning solutions, manufacturing operations management (MOM/MES) and optimization gives you advice and helps you make the right (software) choices. We can take care of the implementation and support towards a successful commissioning and ensure that your supply chain solution operates and evolves problem-free in the long-term.

Our customers

We work for companies from diverse sectors – both in the Benelux and beyond – such as bpost, G4S, Ewals Cargo Care, USG StartPeople, Hager, Aperam, France Télévisions, Familiehulp, Eurotunnel, PSA Antwerp, Jan De Rijk Logistics, Colruyt Group – Symeta, OCP, ISS, Brussels Airport, Belgische Douane, Punch Powertrain, Janssen Pharmaceutica and ArcelorMittal. Read our customer cases or contact us for more information about our projects.

Planning Solutions

Planning people and resources as efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality and customer service. That is the delicate balancing act with which our consultants set to work. We optimize and simplify challenging planning puzzles with powerful and robust solutions that support our customers’ critical business processes on a daily basis. The Ordina SCO team is a top player in the planning solutions field. Our ambition is to be the benchmark in the Benelux for all facets in the planning field. This both in connection with demand planning and forecasting, sales & operations planning (S&OP), network of supply chain planning, master production planning, detailed scheduling, logistics and transport planning and personnel and field-service planning.

We start from your request or need. We have no bias to a pre-selected product or technology. We work with technology partners (e.g. Quintiq, IBC and Rob-Ex) for the implementation of planning software solutions. We are a platinum partner of Quintiq, the market leader in supply chain planning & optimization (SCP&O) software. Quintiq’s vision is to solve all planning issues, preferably complex or almost insoluble based on a single flexible platform.

MES/MOM: Manufacturing Operations Management

MES solutions enable companies to optimize their ERP investments. MES automates the information flows between administrative (ERP) and logistics and production management systems. Administrative systems are fed in real-time with correct and up-to-date shop floor information and decision-makers gain a direct insight into the operation of the logistics or production process through clear reporting; the basis for continuous improvement paths.

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is a global approach that oversees the entire production process with specific focus on increasing efficiency, in addition to quality, traceability, process monitoring, operator workflow and energy management.

Ordina’s SCO team works closely with partners such as GE Automation and Phoenix Contact, and even developed iMESure – an innovative platform for manufacturing operations and intelligence. iMESure is a modular solution based on best practices and can be used by a broad group of production companies. Our customers can realise performance improvements and save costs without making major investments.

In addition to providing advice – including in terms of new developments around Industry 4.0, “Factory of the future”, or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – the Ordina SCO team also implements and manages high quality and robust MES solutions in highly demanding environments.


Making the right choices for complex issues quickly surpasses the comprehension of people. Companies are increasingly calling on optimization models to support their decisions. This gives them access to a range of mathematical and algorithmic techniques that helps them achieve a more optimal result for their complex challenges.

Ordina’s ‘Optimization as a Service’ offer provides professionals who can translate the complex business issues of our customers into an optimization exercise. Experts with a background in fields such as mathematical optimization, operational research, informatics and artificial intelligence. They have theoretical optimization knowledge and experience in the possibilities and limitations in its application.

Ordina’s SCO team has several experts in the optimization field. They devised and realized improvement processes in several fields in very diverse sectors. We helped customers save raw materials, energy or capital, increase delivery reliability, speed or capacity, calculate optimal pricing, etc. An intervention with a direct impact on your result? Ask us for advice.