Transaction Monitoring

Protect your organization against the impact of financial crime

Financial institutions and their clients are increasingly confronted with fraud and other financial crime. Cybercriminals easily keep pace with the rapid digital developments in the field of finance. They are well organized and can often commit fraud on a large scale with a small investment. This not only results in financial damage, but also has a major impact on (the reputation of) financial institutions, their clients and society. For many organizations, it is therefore very important to arm themselves against fraud and financial crime.

Case: Ordina supports Rabobank in fraud detection

The increase in cybercrime, the complexity of payment methods and strict compliance requirements created a need for a high-quality fraud detection solution within Rabobank. This solution had to be realized in a short space of time. Ordina provided Rabobank with a High-Performance Team. Thanks to the unique mix of domain knowledge, certified package specialists and DevOps experts, along with the unique working method, it was possible to kick-start the project. The Team implemented the fraud detection solution within three months.

Never before have I experienced a team being up and running so quickly. By choosing Ordina’s High-Performance Team, we gained about three months. Cor Henzen, Delivery Manager Compliance IT at Rabobank

Staying one step ahead of the cybercriminals

The Ordina solution for Transaction Monitoring in Finance makes it possible to identify suspicious financial transactions in time and to act accordingly. Our solution makes it possible to intelligently analyse data for deviating patterns in financial transactions. The analysis ensures that suspicious transaction(s) are detected at a very early stage. With this solution, we not only deliver the platform, including customized rules or a basic set of rules, but we also train the organization itself. By keeping the management of the platform in our own hands, it is possible to react quickly and appropriately as soon as a suspicious transaction has taken place.

With the Ordina solution for Transaction Monitoring in Finance, cybercrime, fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing can be combated quickly and effectively, keeping you one step ahead of the cybercriminals. Reducing the risk of fraud offers a number of important advantages for your organization:

  • Greater client satisfaction;
  • Reduced financial losses;
  • Faster ROI on digital payment products or other fraud-sensitive financial products;
  • Less risk of reputational damage;
  • Compliance with laws and regulations;
  • Improved response time through in-house management (for which we train your people).

Our approach

Ordina’s approach consists of a number of steps and is always geared towards a client’s specific situation. Together with Ordina, your organization determines which steps you can take to achieve the required result. We do this in an agile manner, continuously fine-tuning and collecting feedback.

To help your organization detect digital financial crime, Ordina has chosen the INFORM RiskShield solution. This platform is specifically designed for the detection and prevention of financial crime in the digital payments area, and is used by many financial institutions internationally. As an exclusive partner of INFORM, we are the only one in the Netherlands with RiskShield-certified consultants. For the development and realization of the RiskShield platform, we rely on a High-Performance Team. This is a multidisciplinary team with a unique mix of domain knowledge, certified package specialists and DevOps experts.