Smartly modernize your data centre and application landscape

As an organization, you know by now that ‘digital’ is crucial to your future. Yet many companies struggle to really accelerate digitally. Possibly because the basics are not right. A mix of ad hoc digital initiatives and systems. Are you investing in digital solutions that fit your business strategy and deliver real value?
Ordina would like to take a moment to consider how you work and how your digital landscape fits in – or doesn’t. Our specialists will assist you with advice: how to get your IT basics right and define new digital initiatives with impact. We leverage VMware technology to simplify and accelerate your IT.

VMware partnership

VMware is a leader in virtualization and software for cloud infrastructures.
Ordina is a VMware Partner and obtained the distinction of Advanced Partner after successfully completing the VMware Partner Connect programme.

VMware awards Master Services Certificates (MSCs) to partners as evidence that they possess in-depth knowledge in a specific area and the expertise to implement the corresponding VMware solutions.

Ordina has a dedicated team with VMware Master Services and Solution Competency certification, and today combines its knowledge and expertise with VMware technology to develop, implement and manage virtualization and cloud computing solutions for clients.

Ordina & VMware

VMware claims the best cloud architecture for application modernization. Their approach to multi-cloud architecture makes it faster and easier to develop, deploy, manage and secure new apps.
Based on their technology, knowledge and experience, Ordina & VMware offer you the leading cloud architecture for modernizing your applications.
Migration between cloud environments while maintaining data and application security is seamless.
With most hybrid cloud options – delivered with key partners such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud – users have access to the power of leading hyperscale clouds within the VMware infrastructure.
Ordina consultants have already carried out several projects for various clients and follow the evolution of the broad VMware portfolio. They see VMware technology as a robust and secure basis for your multi-cloud strategy. Without the risk of vendor lock-in, while maintaining maximum flexibility.

What can Ordina do for you?

Do not hesitate to contact us for:

  • Portfolio navigation
    Advice and support regarding your IT architecture and possible optimization opportunities in the short and long term.
  • Multi-cloud platform
    Based on VWware Cloud, we prepare your multi-cloud landing zone. We build and manage a modern, consistent infrastructure, using your data centre in combination with different cloud platforms, allowing existing applications to be migrated, modernized or extended.
  • App modernization
    We implement the most cost-efficient next step for your software applications, ranging from lift&shift, replatforming, (re-)implementation, to managing your legacy systems. Ordina is able to relieve you of all your worries end-to-end.
  • DevOps transformation teams
    With our High-Performance Teams approach, we guide you to the DevOps mindset and help you transform your IT organization. Our designers and engineers work with your development teams, from concept to code to production. We use agile development methods and best practices for product design to deliver an application that makes full use of microservices and APIs.

Do you want to simplify your IT landscape and offer more flexible services?
Do you have questions about our partnership with VMware?
Questions about the VMware Tanzu solution?
Questions about Kubernetes, Heptio, Pivotal, Cloud Foundry?
Or would you simply like to talk to an experienced VMware consultant?

Don’t hesitate to contact us

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