BA & Beyond conference

12 Oct - 13 Oct 2020

“We are all designers. Yes, even you.”

Seppe Wera, Business consultant at Ordina, talks at the BA & Beyond conference on October 26 in Amsterdam!

We are all designers. Yes, even you.
Business analysts are often celebrated for their analytical skills. Improving processes, implementing new software, and so on. However, I argue that analysts should be more like designers. Analysts should be more involved in crafting solutions instead of streamlining processes. Talking with people wo are experiencing the problem at hand, iterating possible solutions and not being shy to go back to the drawing board: those are key skills for a business analyst 2.0. At the center of our team at KBC, we think as designers to handle problems. This is my story of thinking like a designer, doing design thinking and how to infect a large organisation with this mindset.

His talk will be focused on three parts:

  • Let’s look at what design thinking is and what it can do
  • How design thinking acts a virus, infecting everyone involved
  • And, most importantly – how you can initiate this approach in a massive organisation.

Seppe is a creative, hands-on, hybrid profile. He likes designing and crafting solutions from start to finish. Talking to people, listening, trying out solutions and starting from scratch are the things he enjoys. Also, he likes electric skateboards.
Designing and implementing great user experiences and the User Interface are Seppe’s day-to-day activities. He works as a Creative Analyst / Digital Designer for Ordina, currently at KBC.

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