Driving ICT innovation and security

Cybersecurity – a major threat to digital transformation !
Digital evolution brings new security challenges !

The Congres will welcome cyber security and ICT professionals from across central government, local government, and wider public sector, to tackle key issues at the heart of Belgium public sector and discover, determine and deliberate the latest developments, strategies and technologies available to successfully defend organisations online.
Ordina is Gold Sponsor of the 23th Public Sector Congres and looks forward answering the question: “how the public sector achieve balance between technology enabled innovation and cyber-security”.

Follow the presentation “How to build a successful cyber security strategy” by Mark Vandenwauver
about Mark:
Mark is a renowned authority in the area of Cyber Security & IT Risk. He has a unique skill set gained from his 25+ years of experience. Mark will ensure your company operates within its risk appetite and becomes cyber security resilient. Specialties: Providing cyber security guidance and risk assessments, privacy subject matter expert, security solution architecture for enterprises in the financial, retail and telecom areas, translating business requirements into IT requirements and vice versa, experienced working in matrix management.

Abstract of his presentation:
In today’s interconnected world, cyber security has not only become a topic discussed in the boardroom or in the government but it constitutes a challenge which is increasingly more difficult to master. In order to become a cyber resilient entity, an organization needs to balance the costs and efforts required to protect itself with the rising numbers of potential attackers, ranging from state sponsored to so called script kiddies. In this presentation we will show how an organization can achieve this goal by carefully balancing an information security risk focused approach with an information security maturity model.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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