Improving the use of API’s in Digital Government

12 Dec 2019

Unlocking the Digital Economy with API

New digital technologies are reshaping the economy, leading to the development of new products, services and business models and creating new ways for citizens and businesses to interact in their daily lives.

A key enabler of these changes is the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
APIs allow:

  • open or appropriately secured information and data to flow within government,
  • government and non-government systems to interact with each other,
  • information to be held in 1 place but used and reused in many places,
  • active support for the principles for open and transparent government.


  • saves time — updated information is available through the API automatically,
  • helps to make information more reliable as it managed from 1 source,
  • makes it possible to share information through many sources in a consistent way,
  • increases the focus on customer needs by enabling agencies to share information and deliver multi-agency or ‘joined-up’ services more efficiently.

Ordina acts as a strategic ICT partner for public sector. We support public institutions to realize digital ambitions at a national, provincial and local level. Through multidisciplinary High performance teams who can quickly realize relevant innovations. Whether this concerns the development and management of apps, the realization of digital workspaces, secure data streams, privacy and security or other ICT matters that connect citizens, business and public institutions.

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