Ordina becomes Ionic Trusted Partner

Within the JWorks unit of Ordina, Jan De Wilde has been following Ionic framework since 2014. Jan goes way back in the world of frontend development and Ionic allowed him to use his knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create hybrid mobile applications.

  • Jan De Wilde
  • 17 février 2017

Along the way of experimenting, evangelizing Ionic within the unit and promoting Ionic at our clients we have had the opportunity to build some amazing Ionic (1 & 2) applications for our clients. We strongly believe that Hybrid and Progressive Web Apps are the future and keep investing time in getting better in it and giving training to our employees.

Some time ago Ionic opened up the Trusted Partner Program and after applying with a motivational letter and a description of projects we did for our clients, we have been selected as a Trusted Partner.