Case - Predictive and preventive maintenance

  • Carlo Schots
  • 29 juin 2017

A machine is defective and your production process has shutdown. In a few minutes you can already see your margins shrinking.

Recognisable? Then you should consider a predictive maintenance strategy.

Among other things, sensor technology allows us to detect vibrations, noises and temperature differences that are undetectable to humans. With the right sensor in the right place and a smart platform, you can learn to listen to your machines.

The investment does not have to be huge as many machines are already equipped with sensors. With SAP PdMS (Predictive Maintenance and Service), you can get started in no time.

We define your business case together with you and develop a scalable custom solution, taking account of your existing system landscape. As a system integrator, we provide end-to-end advice, from sensor selection and connectivity to platform selection, implementation and integration with your existing business and ERP systems.