Case - Smart equipment monitoring

  • Carlo Schots
  • 29 juin 2017

Managing tools on major industrial sites is not an easy task. Work must be planned and performed as efficiently as possible. Untraceable or double-booked material leads to frustrations both for employer and employee. Time and money are lost, not to mention the possible risks of materials ending up in zones where they form a hazard (e.g. explosion hazard zones).

This problem can be significantly reduced by equipping grinders, drills, etc. with location sensors. Smart management and interpretation of the data from these sensors and planning the correct follow-up actions, can make a massive difference to the safety and efficiency of staff.

We define your business case together with you and develop a scalable custom solution, taking account of your existing system landscape. As a system integrator, we provide end-to-end advice, from sensor selection and connectivity to platform selection, implementation and integration with your existing business and ERP systems.