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From Reactive to Proactive decision making - IoT provides significant opportunities for companies to deliver value and improve performance through better predictability, adaptability, innovation, alignment and sustainability across the value chain.

Smart manufacturing, logistics and service require a healthy dose of technology to make sure machines work together, material flows are tracked in real time and teams of knowledge workers orchestrate the entire process. The Internet of Things makes this possible.
Companies give their physical assets a digital identity, so called “digital twins”. These enable them to know the exact condition of these assets in real time, unambiguous, throughout their life cycle.
Ordina’s SAP IoT Competence Center supports customers to integrate connected devices with customer strategies, people and internal processes to accelerate their business growth.

Approaching IoT?
Companies should evaluate the impact of IoT on their enterprises, customers, and IT-departments. While developing an IoT strategy, a number of key questions regarding strategy, people, process and technology need to be addressed. 

Value Discovery
As a system integrator, Ordina offers end-to-end solutions. The starting point is a value discovery process involving a multidisciplinary team to define priorities, business value and clear expectations.
The solution is scalable and integrates seamlessly with existing business systems. After all, every customer is unique and operates within a specific system landscape. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Ordina supports the customer end-to-end, this includes:

  • sensor selection
  • connectivity
  • IoT platform (incl. application and analytics)
  • integration with the existing business systems

The latter is crucial for value creation. Analyses and predictions are not an endpoint, but should rather result in actual actions such as driving logistics, service and/or maintenance processes.

Ordina & SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP)
The SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP) is central to the solution we offer our customers.
Ordina has been selected to attend the “SAP CP IoT power weeks”, to which SAP partners with the most innovative solutions were invited.

SAP CP is the central component within the SAP LEONARDO IoT portfolio, which centralises all SAP IoT and innovation initiatives.
Besides a scalable platform to which all types of sensors can be connected, integrated analytics and the SAP FIORI user experience, this platform also includes a number of standard solutions and templates, including:
- connected products
- connected assets
- connected fleet
- connected infrastructure

When enhancing these solutions or developing new ones, Ordina makes use of “SAP IoT Application Enablement”, which is a selection of microservices and tools that enable building IoT applications more quickly, securely, repeatable and scalable, in order to obtain value faster from IoT investments.

Proximus LoRa + SAP CP
Proximus is currently installing a Belgian IoT network based on LoRa® technology. LoRa® (Long Range) is a wireless network that transports small quantities of data between objects and systems with ultra-low power. Ordina, as a Proximus technology partner, built the IoT service platform for LoRa together with Proximus (MyThings platform). This scalable platform captures all the sensor data and makes these safely available to the owner.
The wireless LoRa sensors have a very long battery life span (2-5 years). This makes them suitable for monitoring field equipments abroad, without having to wire the sensors or having to change the battery every few weeks.
Combining Proximus LoRa, in addition to the classic connectivity types M2M (2G/3G/4G), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with SAP Cloud Platform, is the basis for numerous use cases.

Use cases
Searching for inspiration?
Discover the several use cases in our Ordina portfolio!
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Ordina and SAP
Ordina is SAP Gold partner and has over 100 SAP experts prepared to meet your business requirements rapidly and durably. The SAP BU provides you with SAP solutions tailored to your ambitions: from process redesign to implementation and management. Ordina is a multiple SAP Service Partner and Value Added Reseller, and you reap the benefits of this SAP leadership. Whatever your ambitions, our experts translate them into scalable and future-proof solutions.
Through separate competence centers our SAP consultants constantly sharpen their skills. There, they identify new trends and developments, do research and share experiences.

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