Low code for Public Sector

Improve your relationship with citizens by expanding your digital footprint

Public institutions have to move forward with their digital transformation. New digital public services should be built around the needs of citizens. Easy to use, a quick time-to-market, rather than being stuck by legacy technology or limited by organizational silos.

The public sector has a complex legacy technology environment that has grown organically over decades.
Existing processes and solutions are often incapable of growing with the organisation or integrating effectively with other services.

Mendix, a leading low code development platform helps organisations drive digital innovation. It empowers you to bring new services to the public market, digitize citizens engagement, and automate unique business processes.

Eager to know:

  • What Mendix is all about
  • Which best-practices for your market segment are ingrained, so that you can be up and running quickly
  • How to simplify the building of new software applications and maintain them at a lower cost
  • The smooth integration opportunities of this software platform with your existing IT landscape
  • How to get started with this innovative technology to support or optimise your business processes
  • How you can be up and running quickly and efficiently
  • How Ordina can offer you end-to-end support and ensure that you can focus on your core activities: serving citizens

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