MongoDB's next generation operational database:

a database ready to support structured as well as unstructured Big Data, fast feature development and flexible deployment strategies!

  • Jürgen Deschepper
  • 1 augustus 2014

Business is asking the ICT departments to develop faster, deploy easier without downtime and scale up and down according to the needs.  Business and customers also demand modern applications that are more networked, social and interacted than ever.  
Over time IT evolved on different levels to address the new needs.  On network level we are talking more about Software-Defined Networks instead of traditional routers and switches.  On storage and compute level we are talking more about Cloud and using commodity hardware instead of SAN boxes and expensive Scale-Up Servers.  Application development evolved towards Mobile, SaaS, Agile development,…  

But what about the database landscape?  Is your database ready to support structured as well as unstructured Big Data, agile development and flexible deployment strategies?

Applications are storing more and more data and accessing it at higher and higher rates.  If your database is running on a single server you will reach a scaling limit. Good news, because also on database level things are evolving to tackle these challenges.  

MongoDB, as the leading NoSQL database, provides us with the next generation operational database, really designed for how we build and run applications today. MongoDB enables new types of applications, a better customer experience, faster time to market and at a lower total cost of ownership.

Its dynamic schema enables you to model data fit for your specific use case(s), in favour of flexibility, agility and performance. Additionally, MongoDB is built with current high availability and scalability challenges in mind, by simply adding low cost instances to your environment..
And last but not least, in a lot of cases, the usage of MongoDB can really simplify your application’s design & architecture providing increased productivity and accelerating your roadmaps.  

Customers are using this opportunity to enable smart initiatives based on data they already possess. In the past this was not possible due to cost, technology complexity or risk constraints. MongoDB enables you to combine data from various existing sources, gain new insights, exposing data fast and leverage these new possibilities easily like mobile and social media.  

As believers in this next generation operational database Ordina has invested in developing the competence and know-how with over 15 certified consultants in MongoDB.  As a result Ordina has achieved as first within the BeNeLux the level of advanced partner.  Adding to this Ordina is also one of the pioneers as official reseller of MongoDB.  

With a proven track record MongoDB can provide several references in all sectors with different use cases like f.ex.

  • Do you wish to have a real-time consistent 360 view of your customers even if your data is fragmented through multiple old, slow or expensive systems?
  • Do you wish to gather customer information from various sources in various formats without going through complex and long lasting IT efforts?
  • Do you wish not to invest in high-end very expensive systems to scale along as your demand grows ?
  • And much more…  

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information and to talk about how we can support  your business to grow and compete by starting new initiatives!