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A TEAM of skilled professionals that can tackle any challenge

  • Dennis Herremans
  • 8 september 2014

Sometimes you just don’t know…
It doesn’t matter if you are a junior consultant or a senior architect with years and years of experience and more certifications and training than you care to remember. There will be times when you’re just not sure.
So, what do you do?
Well, if you’re anything like me you open your favorite web browser and you “google it”.
(Feel free to replace that with “bing it” if you’re working at Microsoft)
But as consultants we often find ourselves at the leading edge of technology.
So what happens when the internet doesn’t know (yet)?
What do you do when all the forums, blog posts and MSDN articles fail to provide an answer?

You connectivate!
Ok, it’s a buzzword dreamed up by a marketing firm, so I’ll excuse you for not knowing the word, but it’s also a very real thing within the Ordina corporate culture.
It means connect with your colleagues to combine your skills, knowledge and experience.
After all, two people know more than one.  

This is where our Competence Centers come in.
A Competence Center is a grouping of people with similar technological interests. About once a month we meet to discuss the latest technological evolutions and project. This way you stay up to date without have to follow every little detail yourself.
“Spread the work and share the knowledge” or “learn from each other” if you will.
But there is an additional benefit. You really get to know your coworkers and build a working relationship with them.
You no longer stand alone in the technological landscape but have people to fall back on.

So what happens when you just don’t know the answer? What happens when you really need some help and the internet isn’t helping?
You pick up a phone or send a mail to your colleagues and soon you’ll get the help you’ll need.
Because no one can know everything… But a TEAM of skilled professionals can tackle any challenge.