Data Science with Microsoft - Training materials

Today I’ll be guiding you through the, sometimes very busy, world of Microsoft training material.

  • Jan Mulkens
  • 14 december 2015

Expect everything you need to become fluent with Microsoft’s Data science solutions.

  • Free training courses with certificates
  • Free webinars & recordings of live sessions
  • Free (e-)books
  • Documentation & Learning Paths
  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

Read on for the good stuff!


Over de auteur:

Jan Mulkens

Jan Mulkens is a Microsoft Data Platform & Business Intelligence Consultant at Ordina Belgium. While his interests are broad, he has a passion for creating data warehousing and business intelligence solutions that help the business get insight in, and take action on, their data. His main experience lies with SQL Server and the rest of the Microsoft on-prem BI Stack (Excel, SharePoint, Reporting Services, Analysis Services). Recently he also has been digging into Azure and the added value it brings with Power BI and the different parts that make up the Cortana Analytics Suite. His blog can be read on www.janmulkens.