Data Science with Microsoft - An introduction

Let’s be honest, Microsoft isn’t a name that would traditionally be associated with data science.

  • Jan Mulkens
  • 14 december 2015

In the last year we’ve seen the following appear on the Microsoft Data Science radar:

  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Power BI
  • Cortana Analytics Suite
  • Acquisition of Datazen & Revolution Analytics
  • Integration of R in SQL Server

Looking at it like this, it’s just a list like any other. Not even a big list.
The magic happens when we look at what this means for the developers, consultants and ultimately the business.

I am happy to share my findings with you on my personal blog http://blog.janmulkens.be/data-science-with-microsoft-an-introduction/ !

Any how, Microsoft has improved so much in the last year, it’s as if it’s a whole new company.
Data professionals are getting a lot of shiny new toys and can expect a lot more solutions to be build end to end on a Microsoft platform.
Whether that platform is on-premises or in the cloud is up to the business to decide.

Data science is no longer unknown territory for people who work with SQL Server, it’s already on our doorstep.
On top of that, Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics solution offers incredible value and an ease of use I’ve never seen before with something like this.
It took me only an hour to set up a solution that parsed real-time sensor data, combined it with reference data in a database and then show it on a Power BI dashboard.

One thing is sure, you can expect some interesting blog posts in the feature.
Not only from myself but the entire SQL Server community!

Over de auteur:

Jan Mulkens

Jan Mulkens is a Microsoft Data Platform & Business Intelligence Consultant at Ordina Belgium. While his interests are broad, he has a passion for creating data warehousing and business intelligence solutions that help the business get insight in, and take action on, their data. His main experience lies with SQL Server and the rest of the Microsoft on-prem BI Stack (Excel, SharePoint, Reporting Services, Analysis Services). Recently he also has been digging into Azure and the added value it brings with Power BI and the different parts that make up the Cortana Analytics Suite. His blog can be read on www.janmulkens.