SpringOne Platform

  • Bart Blommaerts
  • 24 augustus 2016

SpringOne Platform is the successor of SpringOne 2GX, with a focus mainly on Spring and Cloud Foundry. Next to these technical topics, SpringOne Platform also offered many sessions on cultural transformation and DevOps. Cultural transformation and DevOps are key to deliver meaningful solutions more quickly. This can be achieved by creating empowered teams, able to make independent decisions. To implement these collaborative teams, leadership buy-in is hugely important. Getting away from legacy thinking will allow enterprises to obtain short feedback cycles and thus continuously improve.

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Over de auteur:

Bart Blommaerts

Bart Blommaerts is a passionate Software Architect at Ordina, who believes closing the model-code gap is essential to make rapid, agile delivery sustainable. Bart has a strong focus on API design, reuse, automation and security. He is always looking for technical challenges. Bart also is the chairman of the different JWorks Competence Leads at Ordina.