Microservices Dashboard

  • Andreas Evers
  • 24 november 2016

So you’ve jumped on the hype train, built a bunch of microservices, and got your first releases under your belt. Now what? Our experiences taught us this is the easy part. With the newly obtained microservices freedom, teams easily plunge into a world of cowboys and unicorns. The big ball of mud is just around the corner. Panic, mayhem and chaos loom over the organisation, waiting for everything to spin out of control. Especially for any enterprise not residing in Silicon Valley, maintaining some sort of governance and compliancy is essential.

What does a microservice architecture mean not just for the developers, but also for analysts and managers? What can we as developers do to offer them peace of mind?

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Andreas Evers

Andreas Evers is a principal Java consultant at Ordina, passionate about the Spring ecosystem, microservices, REST, clean code and best practices in general. An avid open source enthusiast and Spring contributor. Helps fellow developers as Competence Center leader for architecture and best practices by giving workshops, talks and courses about the newest technologies.