Lagom 1.2: What's new?

  • Yannick De Turck
  • 2 februari 2017

Looking back at the first version... Shortly after the first MVP version of Lagom was released we wrote a blogpost in which we wrote down our first impressions and in which we did an initial comparison to Spring Cloud and Netflix OSS. We also did an introduction presentation on Lagom which is available on YouTube. Lightbend let us know that they really appreciated our feedback. They definitely understood some of our remarks and suggestions and they were willing to work on some of them. One of our majors remarks was that Maven support should be added to Lagom in order to properly target Java developers...

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Yannick De Turck

Yannick is a senior Java consultant and coach at Ordina Belgium. Yannick's focus areas amongst others are Java technologies, Scala and Play Framework and iOS development with Objective C and Swift. He's passionate about learning new technologies and frameworks and having a keen interest in innovative technologies, Java architectures, reactive programming and DevOps.