Øredev 2016

When arrived in Malmö city, we were welcomed with an exploration tour of the third biggest city in Sweden. The next day Øredev 2016 officially started! It was noticeable that there was a healthy combination for everyone: Microservices, Docker, UX, Management, etc… All these buzzwords were applied in various talks. This blog post will be about the talks I favoured and the extra knowledge I gained which I now get to apply in my nowadays projects.

  • Kevin Van Houtte
  • 20 januari 2017

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Over de auteur:

Kevin Van Houtte

Kevin Van Houtte is a Software Engineer at Ordina Belgium. Passionate in the Spring ecosystem and Angular framework Kevin is eager to discover new and efficient ways to solve problems. He enjoys a good challenge and is interested in cutting edge technologies. Currently he works on a project with Microservices, Spring and Angular/TypeScript.