Design systems

Your digital products faster, more efficiently and more consistently on the market.

An optimal user experience and uniform brand appearance are crucial for companies who are bringing digital products to market. As products become more complex, teams grow, front-end technology changes at lightning speed, and consumers become more demanding, it is increasingly difficult to achieve this in practice. The slower you develop your products and the greater the number of inconsistencies in your expressions, the more likely customers are to switch to a competitor.

Design system as a single source of truth

With our Ordina Solution for Design Systems we help your organization to build the best digital products, in the shortest possible time. We develop a design system; an online platform containing a collection of standards for design and front-end code, reusable design components and design tools with a manual for their use. In this way we create a so-called single source of truth for your organization. This ensures that your digital products come to market faster, more efficiently and more consistently. Also, a design system is an excellent way to break through silos between IT, design and business.

The benefits of the Ordina Solution for Design systems:

  • Faster time-to-market for new products and features.
  • A streamlined design and development process that results in efficiency gains for product development teams and a better coordination between designers and developers.
  • single source of truth where you can always find the most up-to-date front-end components, design libraries and UX documentation
  • Better product quality thanks to a uniform design and development language.
  • Reduced development and design costs through the use of reusable components and clear standards.
  • Increased user experience, which promotes customer engagement and increases conversion and retention.

Our approach

Our standard approach for the development of a design system consists of three phases: navigate, improve en accelerate. We guide your organization from the intake to the development and adoption of the design system. Does your organization already have an existing design system? If so, we can also step in in phase 2.

In all cases, we distinguish ourselves by approaching a design system not only as a product which can improve your operational results in short term, but also by looking at the process and governance. This ensures that the design system is always up-to-date and works as intended. Namely: bringing your digital products to market faster, more efficiently and more consistently.