Hybrid Cloud & IT operations

The foundation of your IT services

For most companies, whether or not to make the switch to the cloud is no longer the issue. The move to the cloud is one of the most common steps taken as part of many companies’ digital transformation. The success of digital transformation actually lies in combining the right mix of cloud platforms and an organisation’s own systems in a way that is tailor-made to its needs. Ordina has the expertise needed to help your organisation make the move from your own systems to cloud platforms, with the necessary attention to security, process adoption and people.

The IT world is rapidly changing. These days, IT departments are expected to be more than just tech support, they also have to make a strategic contribution that translates into better operating results. So, it is crucial that your infrastructure – the foundation of all your IT services – is reliable and efficient. We design and implement a high-performing IT infrastructure for you that supports your digitisation needs perfectly.

Cloud computing gives you access to the latest software and optimal cybersecurity. But there are other advantages to cloud services, such as scalability, flexibility and cost savings. Aligning your cloud strategy with your business objectives and specific situation will give you a long-lasting competitive advantage. Ordina can help you with this. We have extensive experience in a wide range of sectors.

We know that setting up an IT infrastructure goes beyond providing technical solutions. Finding a balance between your business challenges and technical capabilities is our priority. Our experts have both vast knowledge of infrastructure as a whole and of specific applications. From Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, VMware virtualisation, Dell EMC data storage systems and servers, Cisco networks, Veeam Backup to modern workspaces and Office 365. Engineers, architects, consultants and project managers will work on the backbone of your IT organisation. We design and build the foundation for cloud implementation in your organisation and once completed, take care of the functional, technical and application management.

Being succesful in the cloud

Starting with the cloud is easy. But, as many organisations have found out, optimal use of the cloud requires an approach in which technology is not the central focus. That is why Ordina’s approach also takes into account the organisation and processes, so the change needed for optimal cloud use is a three-pronged process:

  1. Organisation and strategy (value discovery)
    Working in the cloud requires different structures and ways of working. Old roles make way for new ones. The cloud supports the strategy, which itself is subject to change as a result of ongoing technological developments. Only an experienced partner can provide the quality support and alignment needed.
  2. Processes, applications and migration (value delivery)
    Added value is primarily created through implementing and supporting solutions and processes that were impossible or difficult to support without the cloud. This affects applications that were already in use, still need to be developed, or have to be bought as a service. How to do this in a smart, efficient way is something we assess in close consultation, after which we choose the optimal implementation form.
  3. Continuity (value assurance)
    Organisations underestimate the amount of work needed to organise continuity in the cloud. Many organisations choose to work with several clouds while also keeping part of the infrastructure in-house. This creates management and integration issues. Using more than one cloud means that you have to acquire knowledge of several clouds or of tooling that works independent of the cloud. To do this, you need specialists who have to be trained in-house or brought in from outside. So, these activities come at a cost and require competencies that are part of the overall cloud approach. What’s more, attention should be paid to things like Disaster Recovery, with the right decisions being made based on business risks.

We align our generic approach with your specific needs and present situation. We will probably be able to skip some steps because they have already been implemented. Or we will actually go into more depth if need be, or translate a previously drawn-up conceptual plan into practical actions.

With our knowledge of both business and the cloud, combined with our pragmatic approach and experience, Ordina is the perfect partner to help you navigate and successfully implement your cloud strategy.

Our cloud knowledge in practice

In the last few years, we have successfully helped organisations with a wide range of cloud processes.

Cloud platform/landing zone design

Ordina has designed, built and managed cloud platforms for various customers as a basis for developing applications, digital service provision and modern (big) data applications.

Cloud migrations

Ordina has moved existing customer applications from data centre environments to public cloud environments. In addition, Ordina has experience of migrating complete on-premise data centres to the cloud, both at IaaS and PaaS level.

ERP cloud migrations

Ordina has successfully migrated existing ERP implementations from SAP to the cloud without substantial, negative impact on business continuity. In addition, Ordina has experience of SaaS implementation and integration into existing landscapes.

Database migrations to the cloud

Ordina moves existing MS SQL landscapes into Azure to make optimal use of the scalability of the cloud.

Cloud development platforms

For several customers, Ordina builds native cloud applications in the cloud with the help of automation, pipeline tooling, container platforms and techniques such as serverless.

Tracking and IoT platforms in the cloud

Ordina has experience of designing, building and managing cloud platforms for specific applications such as tracking and the Internet of Things.

Our technology partners


Ordina is a Microsoft Gold Partner in 12 competencies, including the cloud. We also operate as a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider to enable affordable cloud consumption via Ordina too.


Ordina is a Select Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a Cloud Solution Provider.

Dell EMC

Ordina is a Dell EMC Gold Partner for a considerable number of products in the portfolio and has the necessary experience to install these products.


Ordina is Veeam Silver ProPartner and also acts as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) to provide backup managed services.


Ordina is also a Cisco Select Partner for all network products needed in a network environment of your organisation.


Ordina is VMware Advanced Partner for mobility management, server virtualisation products and Master Services Competency in Cloud Native, with the knowledge needed to install and manage these products and services.