Ordina Digital Twin

Overview, insight but above all: smart foresight.

Is your energy consumption optimized and when does your digital meter need to be serviced? Are all HVAC installations in the building running smoothly and how would they perform in a heatwave? How would a change in the direction of traffic affect parking behavior in the city? Three scenarios, one answer: ask the digital twin. A virtual ‘digital twin’ gives you a view of physical assets, machines, installations and processes from a distance, in real time. A 360° view of (and insight into) today’s situation, while also unlocking the future.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a virtual copy of an ‘object’ from the real world that is in continuous real-time connection with the physical object via sensors and automation. This connectivity is what differentiates a digital twin from a simulator: by collecting these live data, linking them to and bundling them with data from other information sources – ERP system, the internet, temperature, geodata etc. – you create a dynamic, virtual model of the physical environment that connects all objects, people, processes and places involved.

If you then apply artificial intelligence and analytics, raw data become live insights. With possibilities for predictive analytics and simulations too. This not only gives you an understanding of how environments work today, but also what could happen in the future. If action is needed, you can instantly take the right measures.

With a digital twin, you not only gain an understanding of how your environment works today, but you can also run simulations and make future predictions.

A digital twin: what are the benefits?

Car manufacturers, aircraft manufactures, construction companies, utility companies and network operators, cities and municipalities, they are all making more and more use of digital twins – from simple devices such as a thermometer to highly complex installations such as a smart grid.

The benefits? Optimization, in a wide variety of ways:

  • easier, faster development of new products;
  • optimization of products, systems and processes;
  • improved service provision;
  • increased operational efficiency;
  • cost reduction (reduced stock management, maintenance, supply, services etc. costs);
  • increased customer satisfaction;
  • development of new business models;
  • increased security and compliance;
  • and much more.

Digital twin in utilities

A digital twin helps organizations solve ever more complex issues. Utility companies that are fully committed to digital transformation, for instance, will gain very valuable insights thanks to a digital twin.

What would happen in the future if private individuals were to put a lot of solar energy on the grid on a sunny day? Where would we get our power from at peak times if wind farms and solar panels couldn’t cope with demand? Using simulations, a digital twin helps provide reliable predictions.

How can Ordina help?

From connecting IoT sensors right down to optimizations, our experts can help your organization at every step of the process.

  1. Thing/process: Together with our partners, we help you equip your assets, systems, processes etc. with IoT devices to capture data.
  2. Connect & collect: We ensure the connectivity between the physical environment and the digital twin and see to it that all the data are collected.
  3. Model & store: The data are modelled and stored in a structured way. As part of this, all components and connections are very precisely defined (Open Linked Data) so that both computers and people can automatically understand and process everything.
  4. (Geo)visualize: By clearly visualizing all data, with the addition of geodata where useful, we gain an even better insight into the existing situation.
  5. Simulate: Our data science experts build applications using AI and machine learning to simulate scenarios (thus allowing them to make predictions).
  6. Optimize: Together, we look for ways to optimize existing systems and/or processes.

Our approach: together with your team

Naturally, we approach a digital twin project carefully, in close collaboration with your team.

  1. Navigate: We map your challenges, look for the most valuable use cases, develop a strategy, design and roadmap and set up the platform as described above.
  2. Improve: Once the digital twin has proven its use, we take the project to the next level, with more data sources, more assets, more analyses and simulations etc.
  3. Accelerate: We roll out the model further within your organization, industrialize, monitor and continuously look for optimization opportunities – so that you gain more and more added value from it.

Why Ordina?

  • Years of connectivity experience
    Connectivity, which is at the heart of every digital twin, is complex. How do you connect different types of sensors, devices and assets (all with different protocols) with each other? Ordina has years of experience in this field. Together with our partners Proximus and KPN, we provide end-to-end solutions for connected assets.
  • Expertise in a wide range of fields
    From IoT, data visualization and data science to cloud, supply chain optimization and security: a digital twin requires vast expertise. Our high-performance teams bring together all the knowledge and experience from various business units.
  • Local player who offers continuity
    Ordina has a strong local presence. At the same time, we are big enough to support your complex processes and ensure flexibility and continuity. Our ambition: to be a long-term partner you can rely on.