Workforce planning

Optimal and customer-focused workforce planning

Workforce planning is becoming ever more complex. Optimal workforce planning has to take into account legislation and regulations, contractual agreements with customers, competencies, availability and preferences of your employees. This quickly becomes very complex.

The workforce planning solution of Ordina simplifies the complex planning process, resulting in improved performance, increased efficiency, and greater customer and employee satisfaction.
It takes into account all the specific limitations of your organisation, such as contractual agreements with customers, employment legislation and the availability and capabilities of people and means.

Best-fit approach

During the value-discovery phase, we analyse your existing workforce planning and identify points for improvement, based on which we create a business case linked to a project proposal.
During the value-delivery phase, we carry out these improvements together with you, implement the best-fit planning solution, train and support your planners and ensure a smooth roll-out. Finally, you choose from our different value support options, which gives you the peace of mind of having a planning solution that works flawlessly.

Ordina’s workforce planning solution – the benefits to you

  • Intelligent planning and optimisation tailored to your needs and geared to greater customer service, reduced costs and improved operational efficiency;
  • Multi-resource planning: more efficient use of both internal and external employees, means, materials and equipment;
  • Takes into account complex employment legislation, social agreements, contractual agreements with customers, knowledge and competencies, availability, wishes and preferences;
  • Transparency: every party involved has the right KPI based information/reports;
  • Flexible interaction to be able to respond quickly to changing situations and disruptions;
  • Multi-level planning through the integration of long-term capacity planning with monthly or weekly detail planning and daily operational activities.

With our solution, your planners have the means and information needed to align the planning with your business goals in terms of efficiency, customer service and profitability.